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Veterans and Youth Organizations Discounts

Posted by Lew on 6/3/2015 to More News
Veterans and Youth Organizations Discounts

Veterans and Scouts & Youth Adventure Groups!

Lew's Store now offers discount pricing on select items in our online store to Veterans Organizations and to Scouts and Youth Adventure Groups and Organizations. "How does my group receive the discount pricing?" you may ask. Simple. Register your group on our site. Be sure to include the name of your organization and a valid email address when registering. You may browse and shop the store without logging in, but the pricing displayed will be our regular retail pricing. To see your discount pricing while shopping, be sure to log into your account. To receive the discount pricing when you place your order, you must log in. -And remember - there are No Minimums! Order as many or as few as you want. Our friendly sales staff are available to assist you if you encounter any problems is obtaining your discounts. Just give us a call at 276-935-4443 Monday - Friday, 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM.

This is just our way of giving a little back.


Arrival of Fall

Posted by Lew on 9/23/2012 to More News
     I ran across a curious piece of information recently just in time to share it with everyone with the arrival of Fall. Many of us enjoy Autumn activities, including day hiking. We layer our clothing and take precautions to ensure we have an enjoyable time in the outdoors. As we don those bright yellows, reds, oranges, and greens, it never occurs to us that we are actually blending in with the spectacular colors around us. An expert Wilderness Search and Rescue team leader asked me if I knew what is the best color to wear during outdoor activities. Of course, I immediately thought of blaze orange. He told me that I was wrong - that the best color is royal blue. "Why royal blue?" I asked. He informed me that royal blue is the one color that does not occur naturally in nature. He explained that it is much easier locating a lost or injured person if that person is wearing royal blue.
     For all you outdoor enthusiasts, Lew's Store offers many of our jackets in royal blue! Check out our entire selection of jackets at Lew's Store Outerwear. As always, our line of jackets is offered at the best prices with the best service!
                                                   Have a Wonderful Autumn,


New Bags Added to Lew's Store

Posted by Lew on 10/27/2011 to More News
Lew's Store just received some new bags to our store - portfolios and backpacks. Folks, we know this economy is bad, and we are in the holiday shopping season. So, we priced these bags as low as possible for you, our friends. Remember to order early to have the best selection. Check out these great additions to our store.
                                          As always, thanks for shopping at Lew's and for liking us.

Deluxe Promotional Portfolio

Polyester Portfolio

Deluxe Polyester Portfolio

Large Professional Portfolio

Leather Backpack

Ladies Backpack

Ladies Leather Backpack

Momentum Body Backpack

Polyester Body Backpack

Quality Products at Great Prices

Posted by Lew on 9/23/2011 to More News

          A customer told me the other day that he had had a jacket for years that he loved. It was beginning to show some wear and age; so, he checked the tag and saw that it was a Cardinal Activewear jacket. He got on the internet and did some searching and shopping looking for that particular Cardinal Activewear jacket. He came across our store, Lew's Store, and decided to check us out. He said he was a little skeptical because our prices were so low, and he was afraid the item may not be a quality jacket. He took a chance and ordered from us. He said that to his delight the jacket was very well made and was the same jacket he had for years — and he was very happy with the price!

         Folks, I've sold Cardinal jackets for years, and you just can't beat their quality. Lew's Store tries to offer the best prices possible to our customers. Just because our prices are low, it doesn't mean that quality is sacrificed. Our slogan, "Great Products at Great Prices," is more than a catch-phrase — it is how Lew's Store operates.
                                                                     As always,
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